Choosing a Great Location for Your Next Hotel Stay

Reserve A Hotel Suite That Will Accommodate Your Family

Separate sleeping quarters will provide your loved ones with privacy during your vacation. If you follow a different schedule than some of your family members, you will appreciate being able to watch television or sleep without interfering with someone else's plans. Search for hotel suites featuring separate bedrooms that contain fully functional doors. 

Studio Suites Versus True Suites

Narrowing your search terms while browsing a hotel's website may provide you a listing of all of the rooms that will be adequately sized for your family. Specify how many people will be staying with you and the number of sleeping areas that you would like your suite to contain.

Some hotels may categorize suites separately from other rooms, but some hotels may use the number of people in your party to filter the room results. In the latter scenario, you may be provided with room listings that feature studio suites. A studio suite is not the same thing as a true suite. This type of room will be larger than a standard room but may lack the separate sleeping areas that you prefer.

A studio suite may feature multiple beds, a convertible couch, and a pull-down bed. A true suite may be described as a room with areas that are separated by doors. There will be one main area where guests can lounge, cook, and dine. A suite may contain one or more separate bedrooms.

The Location And Floor Plan

The reason for your travels and the region where you will be staying may influence how much time is spent in your suite. Acquire a map of the hotel where you will likely be staying. Observe how far each suite is from the pool, vending machines, onsite restaurant, and other amenities or services that you may use.

Review each suite's floor plan. Some suites may feature bedrooms that branch off on opposite sides of the living area. There may, however, be some suite styles that have rooms set up adjacently and that contain a door that separates them from each other.

If you choose a suite like this, the family members who will be staying in the bedroom that is furthest from the living area will essentially need to walk through both bedrooms in order to exit the sleeping quarters. If you are looking for minimal disruptions during your stay, you will want to reserve a room that features two independent bedrooms that each contain a separate door.